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    Senolytics are arguably the best rejuvenation therapy currently available, and though costly, FOXO4-DRI is the most effective senolytic.
   This site is a repository for the first human experiences with this exciting new substance. And, though anecdotal, the hope is this information will prove valuable to early adopters and science1.

    I’ve been experimenting with longevity supplements/therapies for years and have seen little effect, but an exception popped up in January 2017. While experimenting with the senolytic compounds Dasatinib and Quercetin, I experienced a significant jump in my cardiovascular endurance2. My treadmill running time went from 5mins to 6mins (still nothing to write home about) and it then stabilized at about 4.5mins. If I can repeat this temporary increase with FOXO4-DRI, it would hint at efficacy. But I experienced serious side effects with Dasitinib. It felt like a bad flu. My heart raced, got chills and sweats; and when we checked my blood pressure, systolic was 186!

Latest updates/Summary

The Belgian longevity documentary just came out! here’s the clip on FOX04-dri and my protocol. Latest mDNA analysis of my biological age showed 48yrs woohoo!- but a telomere analysis on that […]

Summary Round #3

This round I am reconstituting each injection fresh (instead of making one big batch and refrigerating). I also restarted my workouts. Take 2g of NMN (sporadically), 1 tablespoon of C60OO […]

Summary Round #2

Encouraging results! I am 52. After my first round of FOX04-DRI my Bio-age(DNA Methylation) was 47.5yrs. And after my second round my Bio-age is 46.8. Of course they include a […]

Summary- Round #1

Results so far: 1. Feeling great (though, ignoring minor aches, I did before). 2. Change in sleep patterns- Experiencing a strange side-effect where I wake up super early- and am WIDE awake […]

Experiences with FOX04-DRI have moved to a forum on Longecity here

Update Round #2

I’m a few weeks into Round#2 {I started and then stopped because I missed a couple of dosages with travelling etc}, anyway, everything is fine. Because of the reaction I […]

Took a 50unit shot (approx. 60mg). Tread Mill = 5.5 mins

Boosting the concentration of FOXO4-DRI. Added 30mg more to the vial. Injected .3ml into fat. Here’s the hair today– feels thicker and looks much better than the last pic from […]

Still feel great, lots of energy. Tread Mill = 4.75 mins

Tread Mill = 5.5 mins Woohoo! still improving.