Results so far: 1. Feeling great (though, ignoring minor aches, I did before). 2. Change in sleep patterns- Experiencing a strange side-effect where I wake up super early- and am WIDE awake […]

Took a 50unit shot (approx. 60mg). Tread Mill = 5.5 mins

Boosting the concentration of FOXO4-DRI. Added 30mg more to the vial. Injected .3ml into fat. Here’s the hair today– feels thicker and looks much better than the last pic from […]

Still feel great, lots of energy. Tread Mill = 4.75 mins

Tread Mill = 5.5 mins Woohoo! still improving.

30units of FOXO4-DRI on insulin syringe.

Wide awake at 4am. Weird side-effect, I apparently need less sleep and have more energy. Injected another 50mg subcutaneously in morning.

Injected another 50mg subcutaneously.

No dose. Have lots of energy all day and great focus. 5min treadmill run–Yea!