Time to be more aggressive. I’m making the solution more concentrated (largely because I’d like to avoid the pain that comes with injecting volume). I’ve added .575g FOXO4-DRI to the […]

waited until my system is relatively clean of longevity substances,  have injected a dose of 32mg subcutaneously, 4 small shots in belly and 2 in butt fat. Want to see […]

Wide awake at 5am. Feeling much better, but feels a bit like a hangover. Minor diarrhea.  

this morn took another 50 units, but this time intravenously. Added 2 Dasitinib and 3 capsules of Quercetin (EMIQ). 10pm- tread mill was 4.00 instead of usual 4.5 mins. 3pm- […]

Starting conservatively(if I was to scale based on the mouse study the dose would be approx 100mg/day), I reconstituted .325g FOXO4-DRI in 10ml bacteriostatic water. Injected 50 units(.5ml) or approx […]

Pls add your experiences with Senolytics here: 8