Day 1

Starting conservatively(if I was to scale based on the mouse study the dose would be approx 100mg/day), I reconstituted .325g FOXO4-DRI in 10ml bacteriostatic water. Injected 50 units(.5ml) or approx 16mg into my stomach fat. No noticeable reaction/effects.

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  1. Hello, brave man!

    I really appreciate your courage in this experiment.

    The published scientific article explains the mechanism of action of FOXO-DRI. Apparently, FOXO-DRI can activate apoptosis in cancer cells. My father-in-law struggles to survive cancer, but the prognosis is sad. I think that FOXO-DRI can give him the opportunity to spend several months with his family. I’m now looking for an opportunity to buy this drug. Is it possible to have a group purchase with you?

    1. Sorry to hear about your father-in-law. I certainly can’t comment on if FOXO4-DRI might help him. I’ve had many people inquire about getting FOXO4-DRI at a more reasonable price… I’m trying to see what efficiencies of scale can do to bring the price down–. I’ll contact you privately when I have more info.

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