Finally doing an update!

Just had a freakishly good blood test, and also beat personal records on the tread mill. So I’m very happy. Not sure what combination of things is working so well, but even my auto-immune thyroid antibodies have become remarkably better. My latest blood markers:





My aging.AI age is now 38! (already 57 chronologically). I did do a full year of one-meal-a-day (OMAD) but I finished that a yr ago. Working hard on cutting out sugar and carbs. Taking rapamycin, metformin, acarbose, fish oil, NMN, Vit D, Vit K, fucodian, NAC, C60, CaAKG, DHEA, probiotics, GDF11, Klotho. I also give blood or plasma every few mths. I tried another round with Dasatinib & Quercetin– felt a bit sick but was ok.


  1. You mention Klotho. How do you target it? I seached a lot and coult not find anything available OTC. Thanks


    1. Hi, klotho (alpha) is only bio-avail via injection. I mix gdf11 and klotho (from BuckyLabs) and keep a zip lock bag full of loaded syringes in a -86C freezer and thaw a couple out per week and jab myself. Because of the extremely low dosages it is not expensive.


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