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  1. The Belgian longevity documentary just came out! here’s the clip on FOX04-dri and my protocol.
  2. Latest mDNA analysis of my biological age showed 48yrs woohoo!- but a telomere analysis on that same date showed 54.4 years old. (Orange line is the bio age)
  3. I received a stem cell treatment recently–I’m hoping to improve my thyroid auto-immune issue– will retest markers in about five months.
  4. Need an intern-type to help with a mouse lifespan study in Scottsdale– pls contact me if interested.


Also, been working on my ‘Optimal Longevity Protocol’ –It is available online at


  1. Hi – good to see that documentary clip! Regarding your telomere age – it’s not surprising if this doesn’t change; even if you eliminated all senescent cells, and even if they all had very short telomeres, it’s still only a very tiny proportion of total cells, so the measured average telomere length will not change noticeably. Same goes for mtDNA age – I would not expect it to change much even if the DRI is 100% effective.

    It would be interesting, though, to look at markers for inflammation. In theory, eliminating senescent cells that have SAS phenotype should reduce general inflammation measurably; that’s where I’d expect the main benefit to arise. And of course that would be very significant.

    Good luck with your continued rejuvenation! I’ll be following your progress.



    1. hi, my inflammation (C-Reactive Protein) has been consistently low (except the Nov 8th/17 test).


      1. Have you tried GDF11 yet? See Steve Perry on Youtube.


  2. Hi mr darren i have been keeping up with the experiments that you have been doing and i am impressed , my grand parents are in a not so great situations ,and i want to try the foxo4-dri for them i was hoping that you can give me adresses to perchase the foxo4-dri and pointers on how thay could use and the ammount athat thye should use.
    Its not so that they can be youngsters but they both had different accidents and they just dont recover any more.regards


  3. Good to see you’re still updating the log!

    How is your eyesight? has the improvement you noticed in the beginning persisted? has it improved further?

    +1 to the inflammation marker research by the way.


    1. Hi, my prescription has been -1.75 Left eye, -1.5 Right eye for 30yrs.
      I ordered glasses about a week ago -1.25 Left, and -1.25 Right (hopefully, I didn’t go too optically optimistic).


      1. So how did the vision go with the new prescription, and how do you feel overall?

        I’m wondering if the FOX04-DRI is worth the investment, and if you believe you go the actual DRI form of it.


        1. I’ve been wearing my new 1.25, 1.25 lenses for a few weeks and they are good, I may try 1.5, 1.25 next time, but good enough for now. So my vision has improved at least .25 in both eyes. Hard to say now what is causing my continued improvements now– I’m doing a better diet/exercise and taking NMN and C60 Olive oil, among other supplements etc… my ‘rejuvenation’ (and this blog) is no longer a controlled experiment with just FOX04-dri.


          1. Myopia improves with age. Older people wear + glasses. I don’t want to spoil the party though.

  4. Have you tried GDF11 yet? Some of us are experimenting with that. Also, see Steve Perry on Youtube.


    1. Hi, I’ve tried GDF-11, and plan to get back to it again soon. Let us know pls your results.


      1. My hair is slowly turning brown again, from gray/white. I sleep better (5-6 hours straight often). My face looks better (younger) to me also. BP, RHR, and other biomarkers are great as well. I’m 60 yrs old. I’ve been taking GDF11 for about 8 months now.


        1. Hi Dirk,

          I was wondering if you can share quantities you take of CDF11 per week or month.

          Thank you in advance


          1. Oh man, it’s tiny amounts now. There are two phases: the “fill up” phase and the maintenance phase. If you are over 50, then GDF11 will help a lot. General dosing is 100-150 picograms per day during the fill up phase, then less than 50 picograms every fifth day after that. You absolutely must monitor your biomarkers in order to do this without side effects. This is complex subject and if you are on facebook, then we have a GDF11 group there where you can ask more questions. Also, see Steve Perry on youtube. He is patient zero for taking it. He worked out the protocol and other things around GDF11. Side effects from taking too much include nausea, insomnia, increased BP and HR, and other things depending on how far over you go. GDF11 is powerful stuff so you have to be very careful with it.

  5. Hi, it has been a year and I was wondering if you have noticed anything new?
    Also I had seen something recently

    This could be another thing that could be self experimented with but seems that it would have very low risk. I wish I could try it myself but I would not be able to obtain the material in my location. I have seen cheap used Apheresis Machines but getting the tubes and IV bags would be impossible for me.

    Anyway I would love to hear a year later update on the FOX04-DRI if you can.

    Thank you


  6. can you contact me please? i have some short questions


  7. Have you tried getting a Senescence-associated-β-galactosidase (SA-β-gal) test to see what your levels are now? I did the test and my levels are very high (over 2000), but I need to spend a few more weeks reading before I try testing on myself.

    I did my test with It took just over 20 days to get the results.

    I am probably going to try Fisetin and Quercetin first (they are relatively cheap and seem to have few side effects) and go from there.


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