Round #3

This round I am reconstituting each injection fresh (instead of making one big batch and refrigerating). I also restarted my workouts. Take 2g of NMN (sporadically), 1 tablespoon of C60OO (sporadically), and have reduced the amount of gluten in my diet.

Jan.17th- injected 30mg

Jan.20th- injected 30mg

Jan.25th- injected 30mg, tied my best treadmill record (from the year 2000!), (6 incline, 6 mph, 6 mins)

Jan.28th- injected 20mg

Jan.31st- injected 20mg

Feb.2nd- Damn, I’m feeling great! and hit new all time treadmill record, (6 incline, 6 mph, 6.1 mins)

Again, I’ve noticed a chg in my sleep patterns -where I seem to need less sleep. Have also noticed muscle cramps.

Latest Blood work:



New DNA Bio-age results coming next week.


  1. Looking forward to hearing from you Darren.
    Ciao Marcello


  2. Hi,

    Has you hair remained thicker and darkers?



    1. hi, actually it seems to thinning now. I haven’t taken any foxo4-dri since Oct.
      Hopefully, this next round will show an improvement again (I don’t care much about my appearance–just would like more evidence that FOXO4-DRI is working). Will start Round 3 tomorrow.


      1. Thanks, just asking because it is more of an easily observable change.

        Good luck with round 3!


  3. Did you notice a reduction in gray hairs during your first and second rounds?

    Since you work in the “industry” do you know what kind of peptide synthesizer is used for production?

    Since a side effect of FOX04-DRI is a reduced ability to heal wounds did you notice an increased level of soreness from any of your exercising? If I were to self experiment would I need to take some time off from weight training?


  4. If you also take NMN 2 g per day, how will you say it is due to Foxo4dri or NMN?


    1. Yes. Or if the latest tests that come out showing improvements (I assume they will!) are because I’m now working out, or using C60 and Olive oil, or because I’m cutting out wheat from my diet. Or was it a combination of senolytic therapy and any of these. Frankly, there are too many variables in a human to do a controlled study. As an aside, I wonder if actually drawing blood more often for tests(and donations) is helpful to remove some of the systemic pro-aging factors accumulating.
      As a another aside, because the 3 gene markers selected for DNA analysis were selected because they give the best correlation to chronological age– is it going to be admissible in giving an indication of biological age?


  5. Any progress with your round 3? Is your hair thickening again? How about general well being?


    1. Yes! very exciting, can’t wait until tomorrow.


  6. Have you received DNA bio age result?


    1. Still waiting. Apparently the first time they tried came back inadmissable


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