Summary Round #2

Encouraging results!

I am 52. After my first round of FOX04-DRI my Bio-age(DNA Methylation) was 47.5yrs. And after my second round my Bio-age is 46.8. Of course they include a huge margin of error of 5.8 yrs, but I’m counting this as a another big win for FOXO4-DRI and senolytic therapy.

To my knowledge, this is the first ‘evidence’ of human age-reversal using this tech (which is the most accurate bio-age analysis available).

Blood work has continued to improve (except my Hashimoto’s disease and low testosterone).

With this round, I’ve noticed an apparent side-effect of increased muscle cramps. And my eye-sight has improved- I’ve always had myopia, but I can now focus and read text on my monitor while standing behind my wife (and could not do this half a year ago).


  1. Oh happy day! Good news my friendly followers- I opened up my DNA Methylation Analysis results therapy (in front of the Dutch film crew) today and the results were very positive. We do a little more filming tomorrow. I’ll post a link when the video is avail online.

    1. You had not posted in such a long time between May and September that I had started to worry about you. Glad to see things are going well. Please continue to update us. Also, you should post more pictures.

      1. The special will be on

  2. Hi Darren,

    Here I am again. I read about your new test results and I’m thrilled about them! I do need to ask a few questions though:

    – Have you (knowingly) changed something in your physical activity since your first test results?
    – Have you (knowingly) changed something in your eating habits/diet since your first test results?
    – Have you had to experience less stress than usual for the past half year?
    – Have relationships with your friends/family changed (positive/negative) for the past half year?
    – Might anything else have changed, that could have affected your biological age in a positive way, since your first test results?

    I’m looking forward to seeing your interview on the internet and thanks for updating your blog!

    Thanx very much for your help, again ?


  3. Well this is great news, can’t wait till this therapy is more widely available.

  4. Thanks for the update!

    What is the name of the program of the dutch television of the VPRO? Do you know when it will be broadcast?

  5. You didn’t tell us (unless I missed it) what your DNA methylation age was BEFORE the first round. All we know so far is that the second round reduced it by 0.7 years. If the error in each reading is 5.8 years, then the error in the difference of the two values will be (Sqrt2)*5.8, or about ±8 years.

    1. Correct. I wish I did take the test before round1 also. But we have what we have.

  6. Why there are no update anymore?
    Is it working perfit now?

  7. Is it available in the uk kind regards alec

  8. Any more recent updates? I would think that you would see some concrete anti-aging effects by now if this were working.

    1. There have been strong indications that it has worked. My methylation biomarkers have improved, my blood work has improved, I feel great. I’ve started to run on treadmill again and ran 5 mins on incline 6 at speed 5.7mph today, which is good for me.
      I’m thinking about doing another round- but unsure if I’m going to get diminishing returns.

      1. I would think most of your Senescent cells are gone now, considering the (Rat level) doses you took.

        You might want to wait a year or two to see if there are delayed side effects.

        You mentioned needing less sleep. Is this still the case?

        1. no the sleep change has gone away.

          1. According to the theory, after the senescent cells reduce, the repair mechanisms of the cells start repairing damage more easily. Meaning that as time passes you should actually see more results. Cells will become senescent at the same rate as before, so going for many rounds shouldn’t be very effective.

            Do you see any improvements over time?

  9. Are you taking any other supplements such as NMN or NR?

    1. I have taken NMN a few times – a random amt very infrequently. I do plan to take it more seriously after my next FOXO4-dri.

      1. Thank you. Are you still taking Quercetin? I understand you develop side effects in combination with Dasinibib.

        1. no. I try to do one thing at a time. BTW, it’s just Dasatinib that is rough.

  10. Is your C-reactive protein level in miligrams / liter? Because your latest measurement of 6.7 is exceptionally high, especially after your prior measurement at 1.2 mg/L. That could theoretically be a result of senescent cell apoptosis, but may also be a side effect of the drug. Please update us.

    1. CRP is mg/L, the testing lab (Quest Diagnostics) gives the Reference Range as <8.0 mg/L. But yes,it appears way high compared to previous. Will definitely get this rechecked soon.

  11. Sigo atentamente los comentarios. Es realmente una gran experiencia.
    Creo que enfermos terminales tendrían que tener una posibilidad de usar el peptido. Igual aplaudo el valor de usar el propio cuerpo y trasmitir el experimento

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