Update Round #2

I’m a few weeks into Round#2 {I started and then stopped because I missed a couple of dosages with travelling etc}, anyway, everything is fine.

Because of the reaction I was getting at the injection site, I’ve changed a few things:

  1. Bought an ultraviolet sterilization cabinet- and sterilize the Foxo4-dri bottle and syringe.
  2. Extra-careful with cleaning the site with alcohol swabs and handling the syringe and bottle.
  3. Using buffered saline solution instead of bacteriostatic water.

I’m still getting a reaction but it is very small and not a problem.

Getting the same anecdotal benefits as with Round#1. But I’ve stopped exercising -so tread-mill results will be inadmissible for this round.

I will be re-taking blood tests and the Osiris Epi-genetic Biomarkers in about 2 weeks. I want to get the results back before the Netherlands TV interview on Oct 23rd.

Here’s a high resolution pic of hair as of today.

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