Finally doing an update!

Just had a freakishly good blood test, and also beat personal records on the tread mill. So I’m very happy. Not sure what combination of things is working so well, […]

2019 Update

The Belgian longevity documentary just came out! here’s the clip on FOX04-dri and my protocol. Latest mDNA analysis of my biological age showed 48yrs woohoo!- but a telomere analysis on that […]

Summary Round #3

This round I am reconstituting each injection fresh (instead of making one big batch and refrigerating). I also restarted my workouts. Take 2g of NMN (sporadically), 1 tablespoon of C60OO […]

Summary Round #2

Encouraging results! I am 52. After my first round of FOX04-DRI my Bio-age(DNA Methylation) was 47.5yrs. And after my second round my Bio-age is 46.8. Of course they include a […]

Update Round #2

I’m a few weeks into Round#2 {I started and then stopped because I missed a couple of dosages with travelling etc}, anyway, everything is fine. Because of the reaction I […]

Summary- Round #1

Results so far: 1. Feeling great (though, ignoring minor aches, I did before). 2. Change in sleep patterns- Experiencing a strange side-effect where I wake up super early- and am WIDE awake […]

Took a 50unit shot (approx. 60mg). Tread Mill = 5.5 mins

Boosting the concentration of FOXO4-DRI. Added 30mg more to the vial. Injected .3ml into fat. Here’s the hair today– feels thicker and looks much better than the last pic from […]

Still feel great, lots of energy. Tread Mill = 4.75 mins