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  1. When I started adding the FOXO4-DRI in the past week I have noticed some definite changes. Weight loss, better sleep, more endurance and perhaps an improvement in lung function now well over 100% for the 3 measures, FVC, FEV and PEF, for a 63 yo. I know that the dose, a little less than 1 mg over 7 days, is a lot lower than the threshold dose indicated by the mouse model of .4 mg per kg of body weight for a human but I can’t reconcile my results with simply a placebo effect. The approx. 30 mg daily dose is a bit expensive, $3,000 p/day. But this peptide is meant, IMO, for only infrequent use. So, $25,000 to clear senescent cells once every 3-5 years might be worth the expense. Considering that I spend over $12,000 a year for insurance I never or rarely use FOXO4-DRI might be a bargain. But I hope price can be reduced by at least a factor of 4 as efficacy and safety can be better verified. I would love to have a protocol based on better patient data but for now, I’ll experiment. I might add another round of FOXO4-DRI in a month or so at a higher dose but again for only a week’s duration.

    1. Some questions:

      Do you have some before and after numbers for the lung function tests? Since you mentioned lung function, do you have an issue that you are trying to address?

      Do you have any other tests that you can share?

      For the dosing, is that 1mg/day for 7 days, or 1mg spread over 7 days?

  2. Thanks for testing

  3. did you stop the treatment?
    what happend?

    still alive?

  4. does anyone know a real try out on cancer? My wife is dying and we want to try this.

    1. Hi Bart, I would not suggest trying FOXO4-DRI -I don’t believe there has been any studies yet on it’s affect on cancer– though theoretically it might help because of it’s method of action (it unblocks P53 which is what triggers apoptosis, and thereby is a tumor suppression mechanism).
      Consider Rapamycin(dosage is critical) and maybe C60 Olive oil.

    2. Bart Souwerbren. for cancer gcmaf saisei clinics japan

  5. How do you think about FOXO4 DRI to use with glomerulus disease ( one type of Chronic kidney disease)?
    This is uncurable disease so it might be miracle.

  6. My Friend has brain cancer, his treatment stops, has anybody with cancer experience with foxo4-DRI?
    In Holland the claim that mice with braintumer cells, have being cured.

    1. I have contacted the professor in Rotterdam myself and he really talked me not to treat my wife with this, too risky.

      I have not found any casus until now sadly on humans.

      Bart-Harderwijk nederland

      1. With no treatment he will die. So what’s the risk to try it? I would like to know if there is anybody out there with cancer who tried it already.

      2. bart,ik heb als.ik zoek foxo4 ik ga liever dood aan de foxo4 dan dat ik ga zitten wachten.dit gaat nog jaren duren

      3. hoe kan iets riskant zijn als je toch dood gaat.ik ben bezig maar het is niet makkelik om er aan te komen.het wordt in lelystad gemaakt in huissen verkopen ze het ook.alleen niet aan partiklieren.ik heb als in een redelijk ver gevorderd stadium

  7. Does anyone knows where I can buy fox04?

  8. Foxo4 or Foxo4-dri is being sold on darknet

    ICQ: 686713094

  9. Buckylabs has Fox04-DRI

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