Greetings fellow adventurers,

    Senolytics are arguably the best rejuvenation therapy currently available, and though costly, FOXO4-DRI is the most effective senolytic.
   This site is a repository for the first human experiences with this exciting new substance. And, though anecdotal, the hope is this information will prove valuable to early adopters and science1.

    I’ve been experimenting with longevity supplements/therapies for years and have seen little effect, but an exception popped up in January 2017. While experimenting with the senolytic compounds Dasatinib and Quercetin, I experienced a significant jump in my cardiovascular endurance2. My treadmill running time went from 5mins to 6mins (still nothing to write home about) and it then stabilized at about 4.5mins. If I can repeat this temporary increase with FOXO4-DRI, it would hint at efficacy. But I experienced serious side effects with Dasitinib. It felt like a bad flu. My heart raced, got chills and sweats; and when we checked my blood pressure, systolic was 186!

Tread Mill = 5.5 mins Woohoo! still improving.

30units of FOXO4-DRI on insulin syringe.

Wide awake at 4am. Weird side-effect, I apparently need less sleep and have more energy. Injected another 50mg subcutaneously in morning.

Injected another 50mg subcutaneously.

No dose. Have lots of energy all day and great focus. 5min treadmill run–Yea!

Time to be more aggressive. I’m making the solution more concentrated (largely because I’d like to avoid the pain that comes with injecting volume). I’ve added .575g FOXO4-DRI to the […]

waited until my system is relatively clean of longevity substances,  have injected a dose of 32mg subcutaneously, 4 small shots in belly and 2 in butt fat. Want to see […]

Wide awake at 5am. Feeling much better, but feels a bit like a hangover. Minor diarrhea.  

this morn took another 50 units, but this time intravenously. Added 2 Dasitinib and 3 capsules of Quercetin (EMIQ). 10pm- tread mill was 4.00 instead of usual 4.5 mins. 3pm- […]

Starting conservatively(if I was to scale based on the mouse study the dose would be approx 100mg/day), I reconstituted .325g FOXO4-DRI in 10ml bacteriostatic water. Injected 50 units(.5ml) or approx […]